Orle Howat

Member Since 2021

Orle was born in Nokomis, Saskatchewan. Her family lived In Raymore till she was five and then several small communities in Saskatchewan before moving to Regina at age 10. She was always interested in being creative and begged for “John Nagy” “art set for Christmas at a young age. That was the start and she has tried many artistic endeavors since then. Some of these are: stained glass, ceramics, drawing and painting. I have taken many painting lessons in acrylics and watercolours.. She has taken lessons from several local instructors including Debbie Wozniak Bonk and Nikki Jacquin, The beauty of the changing Saskatchewan landscape, old buildings and prairie life have always caught Orle’s eye. This started when spending summers on her grandparents farms at Lockwood and Raymore. She loves vibrant colours which is demonstrated in her acrylics and watercolours. At present, she is also dabbling in mixed media, gouache and alcohol inks.
Since retirement from the Federal Government and being free from other family obligations, Orle has been painting in earnest and participating in the Guild.


Featured Work

Sunset at Rowan


18″ x 24″


Lodge Pole Pines


24″ x18″


Autumn Leaves


14″ x 14″


Into the Wilderness

Mixed Medium on Wood Panel

16″ x 20″


Days Gone By


18″ x24″


Cypress Hills

Acrylic on Wood Panel

20″ x 24″


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