Natalie White

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Nataliya Belaya (Natalie White) was born and raised in Ukraine. Her family moved to Regina, Canada in 2011 where they’ve lived ever since. Art has been Natalie’s passion for as long as she can remember. Growing up, Natalie remembers using every opportunity to either draw, paint, sculpt, or craft. She finds creating something with her hands brings delight to her soul. At the age of 5 this passion brought Natalie to an art studio and later to the Art University of Kiev.   Art enables Natalie to share the message of her heart – the message of hope, the message of encouragement, the message of peace and the message of joy. She sees art as a powerful tool that helps people encounter the beauty that surrounds us.  Natalie hopes her artwork will inspire, bless, and refresh all who see it.


Featured Work

Backstreets of Venice


20″ x 28″


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