Margaret Anderson

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Margaret Anderson, a talented artist from the prairies of Indian Head, Saskatchewan, has devoted her life to capturing the essence of her rural upbringing through her art. Growing up on a farm, she was enchanted by the endless skies and stunning sunsets that surrounded her, igniting a passion for vibrant landscapes that shines through in her work.

Inspired by her grandfather’s artistic talent and supported by her artistic parents, Margaret immersed herself in the world of colours and patterns at a young age. With a natural artistic instinct, she sought guidance from acclaimed artists such as Stephen Quiller, Zhong Yang Huang, and Wee Lee, refining her skills and shaping her distinctive style.

Despite the demands of raising three children, Margaret never allowed her love for painting to diminish. In her retirement, she seized the opportunity to focus on her art full-time, drawing inspiration from the dramatic landscapes she holds dear – from expansive skies to tranquil lakes and oceans.

Photography plays a pivotal role in Margaret’s creative process, capturing fleeting moments in nature that she later translates onto canvas. Utilizing a palette knife adds a textural dimension to her work, creating a unique and captivating experience for viewers.

Drawing influence from artists like Michael O’Toole and Stephen Quiller, Margaret has carved out her own niche in the art world. Her work has been recognized in exhibitions and galleries, earning acclaim for her vivid colours and mesmerizing skies.

Beyond creating stunning art, Margaret uses her work to advocate for the appreciation and preservation of nature. She believes in the powerful connection between art and the environment, and endeavours to convey that connection through her paintings.

In her free time, Margaret enjoys leisurely walks and cherishing moments with her five grandchildren, finding joy in both nature and family. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to inspiring others through her art are evident in every brushstroke she creates.



Featured Work

Bee on Yellow Flower

Acrylic on Canvas

White Pelican

Acrylic on Canvas

The Bess

Acrylic on Canvas


Northern Lake Serenity

Acrylic on Canvas

Flax and Canola Field

Acrylic on Canvas

Sunset over Lutherland Point Pasqua Lake

Acrylic on Canvas


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