Jim Toth

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Jim has been painting almost all of his life in some form. I think the reason he was spanked at birth was because he had a paint brush stuck in his mouth. Through elementary school, high school at Balfour Tech where he took art from Margaret Messer and drafting from “Poppa” Bob Lewis, Jim always showed a great love and skill drawing, sketching, and painting. At university Jim’s love of art showed itself on the walls of Lutheran College and Seminary as large murals. Jim returned to Balfour in 1961 as a teacher and taught art with Margaret Messer. Entering into administration, Jim’s painting became a self satisfying undertaking – his first “plein air” being done in 1967 at Besant Campgrounds. (Which he still has). His choice of medium became oils with which he continued until his wife’s health dictated that he change to watercolours. He continued in waters, painting mainly florals until his wife’s death when he moved back to oils, a medium he primarily uses today. In order to improve his skills, Jim and his wife Cheryl have travelled tens of thousands of miles to paint with Marc Hanson, Scott Christensen, Matt White, Randal Sexton, Jim Wilcox, Linda Kemp, to name a few of the many well known artists he has shared time with. Today the prairies draw this 84 year old painter to capture its four season beauty. Landscapes are the topic of many but Jim is really an eclectic painter, painting that which touches a soft part of his heart. Therefore, it is not unusual to find portraits, animals, landscapes, birds, still lifes and florals in his portfolio. Jim tries to spend some time every day in his “art room” doing what brings great joy, peace and wonder to this “gent.”


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