Donna Delsnyder

Member Since 2008  

Donna is an artist who was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. Over the years she has experimented with various painting mediums such as water-colour, acrylic, and oil. She is currently enrolled in the Milan Art Institute and is expanding her knowledge of painting methods and techniques.  Donna enjoys creating originals that are inspired by experience and nature. She strives to bring life to the canvas by creating art that exemplifies the unique beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. Her main objective while painting is to explore the hidden creativity that we all share and to reveal the subtle story within any setting. She has discovered that when she paints, time and space feels like it evaporates.“

Like a symphony a painting is a combination of harmonious strokes that come together to create a beautiful composition. Like music the painting can feel light and breezy or dark and moody. The results for me are always unplanned and somewhat of a mystery.”


Featured Work

Blanket Creek Falls

Oil on Canvas

30″ x 40″


Acrylic Inks

30″ x 30″

Somewhere in Paris

Oil on Canvas

16″ x 20″

Midnight Rendezvous

Oil on Canvas

16″ x 20″

Walking The Path


24″ x 20″

Pearl’s Heaven

Mixed Media

30″ x 40″

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