Charlien Britton

Member since 1988

Charlien grew up on a farm in east central Saskatchewan, and was one of seven children.  Her rural background gave her an appreciation for nature, and the beauty that surrounds us.  These are the subjects that are the focus of many of her paintings.  Charlien is married and a mother of three children.  She is employed by Canada Safeway.  Although Charlien had the desire to paint years earlier, she didn’t start painting until 1986, when she took a painting class from Ray Smith, an artist that taught her how to mix colours – a lesson she still practices today.  Her other interests are horticulture, floral design, and pottery.  When Charlien first joined Prairie Artists Guild in 1990, she changed her medium from oil to water and has experimented with different techniques.  Charlien has also taken workshops from David Butt, Ann Hunter, Jack Reid and Danna Kriekle.  Charlien’s displays are of watercolour on mylar and are her impression of flowers, landscapes and impressionistic landscapes.

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