Trina Johnson

Member since 2023

Trina, a lifelong artist, discovered her passion in the sunny Okanagan before moving to Regina. Her art journey began with pencil and charcoal and evolved into a career in commemorative art, etching black granite.

In 2007, she ventured into painting, exploring oils and acrylics across various styles, from abstract to realism. Trina’s work flows from her vivid imagination onto the canvas, guided by textures and an ever-evolving narrative.

As a proud member of the PAG (Prairie Artists Guild), she eagerly awaits spring and fall art shows to share her captivating artistry. Join her on this artistic voyage.


Featured Work

Frozen City

24 x 24″


Lemon Skies

20 x 20″

Embers on the Horizon
30 x 24″
Acrylic on Canvas

Winter Wander

24 x 24″


16 x 24″

The Elements

12 x 12″

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