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I grew up on a farm just outside of Saltcoats, Saskatchewan, where my appreciation for wildlife and
wildlife art started to take shape. I would spend endless hours painting, drawing, sculpting; even trying to copy artist techniques such as Robert Bateman in the hopes to someday come up with my own specific style of painting. To this day I still have that insatiable need to create a masterpiece, whether that is in painted form, portraiture or sculpting. I never feel as comfortable as when I am sitting in front a drawing table with pencil in hand. I have had nothing but amazing support and guidance throughout the years by my parents Robert and Winona Mess, and my best friend and wife Christine. I also had some great instructors such as my high school art teacher Diane Koch; all of them encouraging me to take my talents and make a career in the world of art in some way or another.  My wife and I eventually got up the courage to move to Vancouver where I was accepted to the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, where I took training in classical animation. Even though I was working full time and going to school full time, it never felt hard to do because I was doing what I loved. I knew I would eventually be paying the bills doing something that to me did not seem like work. After five years of living on the west coast away from family and friends the call of the prairies got it's way and we moved back to Saskatchewan and made Regina our home. I was very fortunate that shortly after moving to Regina I was able to obtain a job in the art department at Remco memorials where I have worked my way up to manager of the design department. Every day getting to design and create artwork, such as civic monuments, granite sculptures and one of the most gratifying parts of my job.... helping families create a one of a kind monument to memorialize their loved ones who have passed on. All the while still feeding my passion for painting wildlife and doing portraits for people.