Norma Gross

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Norma lived in rural Saskatchewan until she moved to Regina in 1948.  Watching A.Y. Jackson in 1949 at Banff National Park, teaching a group of artists (including her teacher Edith Shane from Regina) was a highlight in her life.  One of the many art students who studied under the enthusiastic direction of Macgregor Hone at Central Collegiate, she continued her art education with Roy Kiyooka at the University of Regina.  Norma has studied with many other outstanding artists who were sponsored by the city of Regina, the Art Gallery of Regina (previously Rosemont Art Gallery) and our guild, along with guilds in Saskatoon, Yorkton, and Assiniboia Gallery in Regina.  Norma's floral portraits in watercolour, oils, china painting, and hand painted tiles have been exhibited in Regina, Saskatoon, and Mid Summer Art Festival at Fort Qu'Appelle, as well as the 2004 Downtown Art Walk in Regina.   Norma and her mother, Hazel McIver, had a "mother daughter art show" in 1993.  Norma and Kelly Leichert had a show at the Joe Moran Gallery in Regina "Faraway, Up Close: Remembering Places" in 2003.

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