Larry Jackson

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Larry has perfected a versatility of style which keeps his paintings fresh and lively. His soft watercolours and vibrant acrylic inks contrast so dramatically that each painting is unique in itself. Larry is regularly asked to give workshops in all parts of the country. His concepts about painting and his techniques have been especially encouraging to watercolour painters who are interested in developing successful styles of their own. He is well known for his patience with beginner students in watercolour. 

Larry like to work with lots of color. He uses salt, sand, tea, coffee, anything that will stain the 300 lb. paper he works on.  All the rough texture on the trees is painted with the bark from the trees, not the brush. This gives him a total feeling for the texture of the subject he is working on. The shapes of Larry’s work depicts the feeling of the Saskatchewan landscape and the colorful skies of the prairies.  His inspiration has always been the love of nature and the color of the prairies.

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