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Elaine began painting in watercolour in January 1989.  Her main interest was in florals and natural still life.  In June of 1994, under the instruction of Maxine Masterfield (Florida), Elaine learned the wonder of working in inks. The majority of her work since has been devoted to the exploration of light, form and colour using ink as the medium.  She is one of the few artists in Canada who does works completely in coloured ink.  The maple leaf, a favourite subject, represents her pride in being Canadian and is found in many of her works.  After winning several competitions and awards, including having a work shown in the MacKenzie Art Gallery, Elaine became a full time artist (June 2000), producing work and offering instruction to artists in Regina and surrounding areas.  A member of the Prairie Artists Guild, Artastic art group & Art Gallery of Regina, Elaine participates in many group shows, competitions as well as having had several successful solo shows in Regina and Saskatoon. She has shown her work in Calgary, at Assiniboia Gallery (Regina) & Pacific Gallery (Saskatoon). Elaine’s work is currently displayed at the Letterbox Gallery (Lumsden) and 2nd Floor Boutique & Gallery (Broad St. in Regina). Pieces of her work are in corporate collections and private collections across North America.  In all her work, Elaine likes to draw the viewer’s attention to elements of nature often overlooked, through an emphasis on colour, design and shape.  The intent of her work is to be uplifting and joyful. Her works portray a sense of national pride and convey the multicultural life blood of the nation.

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