Debora Frankham

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I was born and am presently living on the prairies, residing in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Memories of childhood painting while working in advertising designing phone book ads on computer whetted my appetite for some color and real expression. With some instruction from my mother, an accomplished painter and teacher, I started painting as an adult.  Growing up on the prairies left a fondness for skies and old buildings.  A six year stay in Ontario left a lasting love of trees, but my subjects and style vary with media.  I have worked in multiple media: painting in watercolor and acrylic, drawing in wax, pencil and ink. I enjoy designing and illustrating in every opportunity I meet.  My accomplishments include:  planting and painting landscapes, fantasy painting, book and cover, card illustrations, calligraphy, Highway sign design, desktop publishing, floral design, backdrop and stage set designing, modeling flora for the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Ducks Unlimited dioramas, designing and sewing Sci-Fi costumes, and interior decorating.   My work has been shown locally at Prairie Artist Guild and Art Gallery of Regina shows, Gallery 51 in Moose Jaw, Winnipeg and Calgary Sci-Fi Conventions, Allan Blair Clinic, Physical Education Centre Clinic at the University of Regina, and at the Cumberland Gallery at the Legislative Building.  Cirecraft wax cards have traveled all over the world from the Ottawa Farmers Market.


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