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Dave was born and raised near Windthorst, Saskatchewan, attended high school at Campion College in Regina, University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina.  Having been raised on a farm, an appreciation for nature was a vital influence in his desire to investigate painting as a hobby.  It naturally followed that the preferred subject material for putting oil to canvas focussed on prairie scenes and birds, especially the majestic Canada Goose.  Dave began painting around 1975, having taken classes first of all from Mr. A.W. Davey, Betty (Barbour) Robinson, Christine Lynn and more recently from Tom Young, David Butt, Zhong-Yang Huang, Jack Reid, Dean Bauche, Carl Schlademan and several from Michael Lonechild.  The medium of choice was entirely oil up until February, 2002 at which time he switched to acrylics.  Dave was a featured artist for the month of November 1989 in the Saskatchewan Power Gallery on the Roof.  He has displayed in Creatisphere, as well as many art shows in and around Regina.  He is past President of our guild, and a past President of the Art Gallery of Regina (previously Rosemont Art Gallery).  He was featured in the Joe Moran Gallery in July, 2003, July of 2005, July of 2006, January of 2008, July of 2009, and at the final show ever held at the Joe Moran Gallery in July, 2010.  He was also featured in the Riverhouse Gallery in Saskatoon in September 2003.  In June 2005 Dave shared a show and sale with Michael Lonechild.  Dave's paintings can be found in the USA, New Zealand, Korea, Japan and Switzerland, as well as in collections across Canada.

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