Cindy Yung
Cindy Yung was born and raised in Hong Kong. She immigrated to Canada in 1973 and settled in Regina in 1979. As a child, Cindy’s father owned an orchard by a
mountain in Hong Kong. The orchard had a pond of water lilies and a beautiful brook. On most weekends and summers, Cindy and her siblings spent time amongst the exotic plants and flowers. Spending time in the orchard, Cindy developed an appreciation for the beauty of nature and all that God has created for us to enjoy. Cindy started painting in 1983 and worked primarily in watercolour. Recently, she also has painted in acrylics. She has been a member of the Prairie Artists Guild since 1988.

Cindy has participated in many exhibitions over the years, including the Assiniboia Art Gallery’s 25th Anniversary Group Exhibition.  In 1997, Cindy was invited to join with local and national artists to contribute a painting for the James Kurtz memorial book “Treasure Moments”. At the launching of this book, Cindy was chosen to be one of the guest speakers to explain the symbolism of her painting ”National Unity” at the Saskatchewan Hotel. The Sherwood Credit Union twice selected Cindy’s paintings for calendars. In 2002, she was commissioned to do a painting to mark the 20th Anniversary of Dr. Leboldus High School and was invited to deign a poster for the Regina Chinese Singer’s Anniversary Concert celebration. She held her first solo show at the joe moran Gallery in 2005.

Cindy worked in an art gallery for over 16 years. The opportunity to observe great works of art provided Cindy with inspiration and education that enriched her work. Cindy continues to paint for various fund raising projects, commissions and group shows.


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